China - Recently, as people¡¯s attention to their hair style, the human hair weave has become more and more popular. However, most of people do not know how to better maintain and clean their hair weave although this small hair decorated could help them get very excellent hair decorated effect. Today, the editor from famous Brazilian hair weave online seller brazilian hair will teach each people how to take care of the hair piece to maintain its beautiful appearance and longevity.

For the cleaning of the hair weave, it suggest to using the commonly used moisturizing shampoo. People should firstly put their human hair weave into the cool water for few and then they should change the water again before the instillation of two or three drops of shampoo. Please stir the shampoo water mixed after the creation of such amount of bubbles.

The action for cleaning of the Virgin Brazilian Hair need to rely on striping and not the rubbing action. However, people must first put shampoo in her hand and then let the water produce foam and then evenly applied these foam water mixtures on the hair. Then people need to strip their hair from top to bottom gently.

Thirdly, the human hair weave also need the caring from the hair conditioner. Because the human hair weave was produced by the real human hair, so the caring by such amount of conditioner could make hair become more smooth and easy to be tied.

Fourthly, people should first dry their hair with a dry towel and then comb their hair which should be separated into two parts. People only need to use a dry towel and gently wrapped their wet hair and then press it. The best preparation for this action should be a large-toothed comb. However, the combing action should not be one combing from beginning to the end and people had better use their other hand grasp on the connected part.

Fifthly, the air blowing direction of hair dryer should be in line with the direction of the hair flowing direction and each people need to try to keep into the thermostat condition. If people wear the Malaysian hair deep wave hair extension, people could equip the hair dryer with a cover on the air flowing outlet . If the human hair extension is the straight hair, people should control the air flowing volume and the flowing direction should has such angle with the hair surface.

At last, the most convenient way for each people to keep the moisture condition of their hair should be the special hair spray. Maybe most consumers for human hair extension could suffer from the confused hair after the blowing of wind. In that case, the gentle spray should be the best way for these people to solve this problem. After using the spray, people could only use their fingers to clearly deal with their confused hair.


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