Shanghai - With the economic developing of Shanghai, more and more people from other countries have studying and working in Shanghai. In that condition, the house renting has become the main trouble of these?expatriates. The customer service from the expertise Shanghai property agency which website is has said that most of these foreign customers are expert for Shanghai Tong. Even some of newcomers do not know about Shanghai, they would also find some related information about this city in advance through the Internet, friends and other channels. In this kind of situation, the house renting agency should not have any slightest mistakes. Otherwise, they will be considered unprofessional. Generally, people from other countries would prefer to spend more money but they have to find real estate agent with good service and quick reaction to consumers¡¯ feedback.

Therefore, the after sale service has become the key factor of the work of foreign real estate agent. However, the foreign renters usually want to find the renting intermediary agency to help them solve all of troubles. The server David who is from housing agency said: "Sometimes, I feel they seem to think of me as a daily life counselor. They want to let us solve all of their troubles such as the breaking of doorbell, the interrupting of water and power or key losing." However, if people from other countries want to find good Shanghai house such as Yanlord Riverside Garden in Shanghai and Shimao Riviera Garden Shanghai, the agency must be their best choice.

In addition to the above situation, most of foreign people would prefer to the preparation for Yanlord Riverside Garden shanghai choosing for Shanghai apartment such as Yanlord Town jinqiao Shangha. There is a typically example for this situation. Mr. Richard who is from a Swedish pharmaceutical company would come to China. Before his business travel in Shanghai, he has searched enough information from the Internet and then he had got the information of one Shanghai property intermediary company which name is Ambassador, In order to have fully knowledge about the renting in Shanghai, this people had given much more transoceanic telephone to the consultant of to counsel the location and market conditions of Shanghai apartment such as Shanghai Center. With the fully comprehensive and detailed communication, Richard had finally found a good Shanghai apartment.

Generally speaking, the budget form foreigners¡¯ renting could be generally divided into three grades. The first grade arranges Yanlord Garden shanghai from 800 to 3000 dollars. These people mainly want to rent ordinary apartment. The second grade is 3000 to 6000 U.S. dollars. These people are mostly in the senior management of foreign companies and luxury apartments and villas are their favorite. The third grade should be 6 thousand dollars or more. The people who could bear this kind of renting fee should be generally people from the world's top 500 enterprises or big bosses from finance and securities companies. The renting budget of these people is very comfortable.

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