Sometimes, even the most protected places need extra security

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Mumbai, August 2014:The White House is more than a home to the most powerful person in the world

— the President of the United States. To the men and women who protect it, it's a fortress. So what

happens when the world’s most heavily guarded residence comes under attack? Find out how the

Secret Service responds to national security threats in the Indian television premiere of MOVIES NOW

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When the White House (Secret Service Code: ‘Olympus’) is attacked, it’s up to one ex-Special Forces

agent (Gerard Butler) to recapture the White House and save the President. To do so, he must navigate

around challenging security protocols that are already in place to protect the White House. To ensure

that the film seemed true to life, producer and actor Gerard Butler trained with and consulted ex-
special forces and Navy SEALS while filming. Their experiences can be seen throughout the movie.

When the White House is first attacked in Olympus Has Fallen, helicopters are seen firing at the

building from the grounds itself. This scene was inspired by true events from White House history. In

1974, a stolen Army helicopter landed without authorization on the South Lawn of the White House

grounds. Twenty years later, a light plane crashed on the White House grounds, killing the pilot on

impact. Following the 2001 attacks, the restricted airspace above the White House was expanded and

strictly enforced.

To minimize the risks of further terrorist attacks, a script of Olympus Has Fallenwas shared with the

Pentagon prior to production to review any potential security breaches that they film may contain. This

is a standard security procedure that all films depicting White House security, or the assassination of

the President, must undertake before filming.

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