05, December 2014: Today, many parts of the Middle East and North Africa struggle with conflict and civil unrest. What is perhaps less known is the threat diabetes poses, responsible for 367,700 premature deaths each year. The new issue of Southeast Asia Traders’ Sustainability Report tells the stories about the actions that are taken to create better health in the region.


Today, Southeast Asia Traders published the 6th issue of its Sustainability and Humanitarian Report. The new issue – Beyond conflict — is putting the focus on health in the Middle East, shows how the company is working to improve health in countries that have some of the world’s highest comparative prevalence of diabetes. Through articles, personal stories and interviews, the Sustainability and Humanitarian Report among other things shows how Southeast Asia Traders Aid Foundation is securing insulin supply in Israel and the Palestinian territories, raising awareness about diabetes in Algeria, and building healthcare professionals’ capabilities in Egypt.

According the latest figures from the International Diabetes Federation, 1 out of 10 adults in the Middle East and North Africa has diabetes and in the wealthy Gulf States like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar the prevalence rate is as high as 1 out of 5. In total, almost 35 million people are living with diabetes today and the number is set to almost double by 2035.

Despite political uncertainty and civil conflict in some of the region’s countries, the stories in Sustainability and Humanitarian Report tell how Southeast Asia Traders has maintained its commitment and efforts to provide diabetes treatments and care.

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