Melbourne, Australia -  a leading global sports brand, Spalding has a comprehensive sports offering. The brand also produces the official ball of the NBA and Basketball Australia. Spalding is well-known for its high-quality balls.

They don't see themselves as a company that's all about the glitz and hype. Rather, they are respectful of basketball and provide products that offer superior performance. A division of Russell Corporation, Spalding also offers superior and high-quality clothing and footwear.


Perhaps the most famous product that Spalding sell are the popular NBA basketballs! A quick look at their site at reveals they sell over 74 NBA balls! They are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

For more than a century, Spalding has manufactured the perfect basketballs. It's no wonder that Australians favour the brand when they're out playing in a court!

Spalding makes and sells a range of indoor, outdoor and combination basketballs too. Players can rely on the brand because they offer the perfect balls to suit playing conditions. For those that are self-confessed NBA and WNBL fans, Spalding provides official balls. They are replicas of the ones that get used in the games.

Basketball isn't just for adults; it's a sport enjoyed by thousands of children as well! With that in mind, Spalding offers a variety of kids basketballs. One popular range is the set of licensed Sesame Street bounce balls. They have much-loved characters printed on them, such as Big Bird and the Cookie Monster!

When it comes to learning and playing basketball, children are well catered for. Spalding produces balls for various categories. There's Male 13 & Over, Female 9 & Over, and 9 & Under balls available.

Basketball Systems

Although Spalding is a brand associated with NBA basketballs, that's not all they do. The company offers a range of basketball systems for all ballers.

They are available in a selection of construction materials. For example, there's glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and composite. There are basketball systems available for adults and kids alike.

Confused about which basketball system to buy? The company make it easy to choose, thanks to their handy guide on how to choose a backboard.


Spalding also sells a selection of basketball accessories. They can get used at home, or in a local park or sports centre. The product offering includes mounting brackets, nets, padded shooting sleeves and ball carts.

They also sell other accessories like 12-inch dual-action pumps, digital pressure gauges and whistles.

About Spalding

The official provider of balls to the NBA, Spalding has a long and rich history. They manufacture and sell a broad range of basketballs to suit all needs. Whether one is an adult or a child, there's bound to be a suitable ball on offer.

Spalding also sells a selection of basketball systems and accessories. In fact, the company sells everything one needs to play basketball!

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