According to some reliable sources, Special Group Ltd., most popularly known for their gardening and cleaning services, has begun to offer catering services. Originally, the company was established in 1996 as a service organization in the field of social and industrial cleaning. The company gradually began to add other services like gardening and waste disposal plant. And now, catering is another option of service that has been added to the menu of Special Group Ltd.   


The team at Special Group is composed of sincere and dedicated staffs with varied experience in what they do. They have been trained and well-equipped to meet the customers’ demand and satisfy their requirements. Special Group will provide the finest quality services giving enough attention to various numbers of clients. The services offered by the company have been considered by many as of top quality as they fully comply with environmental hygiene as well as safe enough to operate in every business sector, technology, insurance, and also indoor and outdoor environments.


And as the company begins to on a new quest to provide catering services, it is hoped that their reputation will be even more enhanced. This new venture will include food services intended to meet the growing demand of customers, while also building the reputation as a catering management company. The company has recruited versatile cooks with varied experience to create diverse foods and innovative dishes. Being organic is the central inspiration of the Special Group’s kitchen.


The full list of services that will be included in the catering services segment are restaurants, food and beverage services for homes, as well as food for religious communities. The company will also provide personal home cooks for customers. This can be really helpful for those people who would want their favorite dishes during a home event or a party. For more details go to



Special Group is an UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, 14001-2004, and OHSAS 18001-2007 certified company in Alessandria, Italy. The company offers the finest cleaning, gardening, catering and e-commerce services tailored to meet every client’s demands.




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