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Whilst there is a great deal of variety of London real estate available there are a number of difficulties facing both tenants and landlords. Spencer James has built up a reputation which is now able to offer real advantages to high-calibre tenants and landlords.

London, United Kingdom, September 22nd, 2010- London real estate offers more variety and more opportunities for both the private tenant and corporate clients, and for landlords with London real estate to let out as there is still a great deal of interest in the rental market, especially within the capital. But there is often a problem on both sides, because for tenants or businesses looking for London real estate to rent, either for the short term or for the longer term, there are a great many variables which can be difficult to pin down in the brief time often available between London real estate coming onto the market, and being let out.

For landlords the difficulty is often not knowing the true calibre of the tenants been taken on, with no room for gambling or taking a chance. Spencer James has been dealing with London real estate for many years, and has several branches of agencies throughout the city, helping to manage London real estate both within the city centre itself, the Docklands, and across much of the London region. Because Spencer James has been dealing with London real estate for so long, they have built up a reputation which has enabled them to offer something special to both landlords and tenants.

Spencer James prides itself on seeking high-calibre tenants, making sure they fully understand the tenant, the business or the client in order to ascertain their reliability. This in turn enables them to be able to offer landlords the reassurance that comes with being able to secure high-calibre, reliable tenants. Conversely this ability of Spencer James in offering high-calibre tenants has attracted landlords and London real estate which is in prime locations and highly sought-after, thereby being able to pass on to tenants some of the best London real estate on the market as soon as it becomes available.

For more information about Spencer James, or for information about the London real estate currently being offered, visit their website at http://www.spencer-james.co.uk/

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Spencer James has been dealing with London real estate for many years, covering both the city centre and the Docklands regions.

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