29, August 2015: According to a survey, there has been a dramatic change it the way people spent their holidays in the past few decades. To be specific, 63 percent of people spent their holidays at home in 1990 while the number falls down considerably to 24 percent in 2000. And there some major reasons for the change. Thanks to the rapid economic development, people earn much more money than they used to, which makes it possible for them to buy a lot of fun things to enjoy.

Airwheel Scooter1

People are realizing that it is important to go outside to touch the world. They can see and listen to things they do not know before and talk to new people to understand new things. Therefore many people prefer to go outdoors instead of staying at home during holidays. And Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is a perfect choice for outdoor holidays.

The Airwheel intelligent electric self-balancing scooter can be fun gear for children and a convenient vehicle for adults. To be simple, it is a like a wheel with its own running power. It has a smart self-balancing system for riders to stand on it without falling over. Still it takes some time to learn to ride it, like learning to ride a bike. Friends or families can learn it together at holidays to share the joy and laughter when riding it. Maybe people can snap a shot of the rider’s fear face of suddenly losing the balance. It’s something precious in people’s memory.

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Holiday is a nice time for people getting together to enjoy. With the dynamic look, smart technology and high-end essence, Airwheel electric cycle scooter will bring people more valuable moments to people’s life. Please go to local Airwheel franchise shop for more details.

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