Spend the day with quirky Manish Paul on UTV Stars Breakfast to Dinner

Catch the upcoming actor roaming the streets of our capital, indulging in the best thing the city has to offer — food!

This week, take a whirlwind tour of our charming capital, New Delhi, as the exuberant Manish Paul explores all that the city has to offer. UTV Stars’ show Breakfast to Dinner catches up with the versatile actor as he spends the day eating, dancing and gallivanting around Delhi.


As opposed to the other episodes, this episode with Mickey Virus aka Manish Paul starts not with Breakfast but with Dinner. It all starts at 1.00 am in the night, wherein Manish Paul is all set to fly to Delhi for a day full of promotions ahead. Reaching Delhi at 5:30am, Manish has a long day ahead.


The day begins with Manish taking a spin in his car through the famous Delhi streets. So enamoured is the actor by the city that he can’t help but take down the sun roof and stand up! As Manish travels around the roads of Delhi to reach his destination, Dhyanchand Stadium, where, he and Sania Mirza flag off the Delhi Walkathon. After his walkathon, it’s time for a typical Delhi Breakfast, and he heads right to the Bengali Market to eat Chhole Bhature. On reaching Bengali Market, being full of energy that Manish Paul is, he drives around in an auto-rickshaw. Following which, he gorges in the delicious Chhole Bhature breakfast. At this point of Manish also imitates actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, & a few others…even as he relishes breaking his strict diet schedule.


The thing about food in Delhi is that once you start eating, it is very difficult to stop! And hence we next spot Manish gorging over some piping hot samosas at one of the many stalls spread around the city. We bid adieu to Manish as he is partying the night away at one of the city’s hippest nightclub.


Don’t miss the talented Manish Paul, exclusively on UTV Stars BREAKFAST TO DINNER on Sunday 27th October, 2013 at 7 p.m.



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