It goes without saying that making a spinal injury claim can be stressful. The severity of the damage to the spine can also add to the stress of the situation and therefore it is highly recommended that those who are considering making a claim get in touch with a solicitor as soon as possible. This way, the injured party may receive much-needed financial assistance much more quickly.

There are certain medical problems that come along with damage to the spine which are very important to know about when it comes to filing a spinal injury claim. The type of spinal damage that the injured person has and the severity of the damage are two major factors that will be looked at by their solicitor when it comes time to make a claim.

Injuries to the spine will affect two of the processes in the body that are used for temperature regulation, sweating and shivering. Therefore those people who have suffered from an injury to the spine and are seeking to receive compensation will require that their home environment has adequate temperature monitoring to help them cope with rising and falling temperatures. If they do not have the means to properly control the temperature in their homes, then the compensation will need to contribute to this.

Some other bodily changes that take place in those who are making a spinal injury claim include weakened control of the bladder. After damage to the spine has occurred, impulses may no longer be able to travel correctly throughout the bladder and other parts of the digestive system. Medical aids may be needed in cases such as these. These factors will also be put into consideration when it comes time to determine the amount of compensation awarded after a claim has been made.

Muscle spasticity is another problem that is common after a person has suffered damage to the spine. Once the spine has become injured, there are many changes that occur to the nerve cells in the body that control muscle activity. Muscle spasticity is an exaggeration of normal reflexes that occurs when the body is stimulated. Muscle spasms can happen during various circumstances including when the muscles are stretched. Due to the disconnection from the nerves and muscles, the pain and other sensations will cause the muscles to contract which can be extremely painful. If the injured individual is having difficulties with muscle spasms, and a spinal injury claim has been filed, they could receive compensation for this issue.

A person who has filed a spinal injury claim may also suffer from respiratory complications. Those who suffer injuries that are at a C4 level or higher will require the use of a ventilator in order to successfully control their breathing patterns. In some cases, individuals with a damaged spine will not be able to cough without the assistance of another person. These complications are very severe and are likely to add to the amount of compensation that received if a claim is won.

A spinal injury can lead to several associated medical problems. The severity of these problems could affect the compensation received if the injured party makes (and wins) spinal injury claim.