Hammond, Louisiana—July 20, SportOptics (http://www.sportoptics.com), America‘s high-end optics authority, is the leading source for superior quality rifle scopes.

Swarovski rifle scopes and Zeiss rifle scopes are two of the sixteen brands of rifle scopes they carry. Available online, or in their Hammond, Louisiana store, Sport Optics offers Swarovski rifle scopes and Zeiss rifle scopes because of their legendary reputation for accuracy and quality.

“Two hundred yards used to be a long way to shoot,” said Robert Kaleta, Hunting Product Specialist for Zeiss rifle scopes. “Today we have Zeiss rifle scopes like the RapidZ line that allow you to engage targets at 200- 300- and 400-yards in under 30 seconds without ever touching the elevation turret.”

Noting the interest in long range shooting, Swarovski rifle scopes has been steadily expanding its line. You can now get Z6i, Z5 and Z3 Swarovski rifle scopes with a Custom Ballistic Turret (BT). The new turret allows hunters to have a pre-determined zero as well as a set of down-range distances engraved on the turret. Once these new BT turreted Swarovski rifle scopes are set up, the user simply turns the turret to the appropriate down-range distance which allows the crosshair to hold exactly where the bullet will hit.

Sport Optics offers the complete line of Zeiss rifle scopes and Swarovski rifle scopes. For more information, visit http://www.sportoptics.com.

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Located minutes from Lake Pontchartrain, Sport Optics has been supplying high-end rifle scopes and other optic products to the sporting industry for more than 12 years. Their online store http://www.sportoptics.com offers a complete line of binoculars, spotting scopes, Zeiss rifle scopes are two of the sixteen brands of rifle scopes, range finders and night vision devices. Popular brands and products include Burris rifle scopes, Vortex rifle scopes, Zeiss binoculars and many others. As avid sportsmen and women, the people at Sport Optics take great pride in regularly using the products they sell and being considered a valuable information source to their many clients. For more information about
Sport Optics, visit http://www.sportoptics.com