China; 1/16/2014: The advancement in technology has led to a number of inventions and one among them is the artificial turf. Artificial turf refers to artificially manufactured or produced grass which is much popular in the present day world. Artificial grass finds a number of applications in varied fields that include public events, private events, and sports events. Whether it is a cricket field or football ground or a golf club, artificial turf finds use almost everywhere. Modern homeowners are also considering the option to create an artificial patch of green that is soft and durable. Suntex Sports Turf Corporation manufactures and supplies artificial turf for various events, both public and private. The company manufactures above 3,000,000 square metres of artificial turf annually. 

The outdoor sports events, in the present times, depend hugely on artificial turf. There are a number of advantages that it has over real grass. Unlike real grass, the artificial turf would not turn yellow and would not fade. It offers cushioned effect to field causing the balls to bounce higher and more. It is softer and smoother than real grass. And above all, it lasts for a longer period. Suntex Sports Turf Corporation offers sports artificial grass in different types which include those for football, hockey, cricket, baseball, rugby, and golf grounds. The turf is available in varied shades of green ranging between olive green, field green, bi tone green, or according to the choice of the buyer. 

Golf needs the ground to be soft and smooth. The company offers quality Golf Artificial Grass in different types such as putting green golf carpet, sand infill golf putting green grass, mini golf carpet, outdoor golf putting green, etc. The company also manufactures non infill putting green grass for golf grounds. The artificial turf is soft and durable. They are provided with perforations so as to enable rain water or dew to drain out. There are colour options that include different shades of green such as olive green and field green. 

Apart from catering to the sports fields, the artificial turf also finds application in private properties in gardens and lawns. Large stretches of lawns and green can be seen in private properties. The landscapes and gardens in such properties are done using artificial turf. Suntex Turf offers synthetic grass for leisure in various kinds. This artificial grass is available in a number of colours that include yellow, red, blue, and green. This artificial leisure grass finds varied uses in areas such as preschool, office, swimming pool, roof, and balcony. The turf is eco friendly and built with resistance to various climatic conditions. 

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Suntex Sports Turf (Kunlshan) Corporation offers soft and durable artificial turf for different events and occasions such as sports, public, and private events. These are multi usage turfs available in various types and sizes.