Dean Buckner of the UK Financial Services Authority is going to speak on "Spreadsheets and Solvency II" at the next conference of the European Interest Group on Spreadsheet Risks on July 15-16 in Greenwich, London.

This will be of great interest to the insurance industry in Europe.

This conference also features presentations from thought leaders such as Ray Panko of Hawaii, and world experts in spreadsheet development in financial and other industries.

Ray Panko (University of Hawaii) Research Commiseration Session

Morten Siersted (F1F9) Time to Grow Up

Dean Buckner (Financial Services Authority) Spreadsheets and Solvency II

Ozgur Ozluk and Tom Grossman (USFCA) Spreadsheets Grow Up: Spreadsheet

Engineering of Large Financial Planning Models

Thomas Lemon (Protiviti) A practical approach to managing spreadsheet
risk in a global business

Sebastian Dewhurst (EASA) & Nemanja Kostic (Zurich) Transforming

Critical Spreadsheets into Web Applications at Zurich Finance

Patrick O'Beirne (Systems Modelling) Spreadsheet Refactoring

Ruth McKeever & Kevin McDaid (Dundalk Institute of Technology) How do
Range Names Hinder Novice Debugging Performance

Ben Rittweger & Eoin Langan (Athlone Institute of Technology)
Spreadsheet Risk Management in Organisations

Mary Pat Campbell (Actuary) A Practitioner's Tale

Ray Panko and Salvatore Aurigemma (University of Hawaii) The Detection
of Human Spreadsheet Errors by Humans versus Inspection (Auditing) Software

G. Croll, D Baker & O. Lawal (Spreadsheet Risks) Evaluating Financial
Model Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Some North Sea investments

Francoise Tort (ENS de Cachan) Spreadsheet teaching: principles to
design a curriculum

Andrea Kohlase (German Research centre for AI) What we understand is
what we get: Assessments in spreadsheets

Simon Thorne (UWIC) Designing an MSc in Spreadsheet Development

Bernie Dann (Cimcon) presentation

Dermot Balson Changing spreadsheet attitudes a case study

Simon Murphy (Codematic) Facades, Migration, Review, and Coaching

Michael Hutchens (BPM Financial Modelling) Best Practice Modelling

Darren Miller and Gary Miller (Sumwise) Sumwise: A Smarter Spreadsheet

Ralph Baxter (ClusterSeven) Transparency, Control and Opportunity - The
Role of Continuous Validation

Angus Dunne (Consultant) & Angela Collins (BDO LLP) Spreadsheet Compliance

Round Table Wrap-Up