Hand Grippers are more than just a strength building apparatus used for athletes and musicians. Foam Hand Grippers and other hand strengthening tools such as the Supreme Squeeze are also a good for stress relief.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or under pressure getting your hands on hand grippers is a quick and simple way to instantly suppress the symptoms of stress. It has been scientifically proven that using equipment such as stress balls and hand grippers assist in relieving stress.

“Yes, you can squeeze away stress” says the creators of brand new hand grippers Supreme Squeeze. Hand grippers are possibly one of the cheapest, most versatile and convenient remedies for a bad day.

So how can clenching something in your hand help ease a large build-up of emotion?

It’s simple, it distracts your body and your mind.

According to psychological research the brain has two main sensory channels that delivers information when we are experiencing the symptoms of stress. These include the primary senses and our intellectual senses.

By keeping your hands busy with a small repetitive movement your primary channel focusses on that particular motion, playing as a distraction. By blocking this channel your emotions will naturally subside eventually easing those tense feelings you associate with stress.

If you experience high levels of day-to-day anxiety or work in a stressful environment investing in a hand strengthening tool such as the Supreme Squeeze hand grippers could be the answer.

Using hand grippers or stress balls with a quick and repetitive motion really can help you squeeze away your worries! Supreme Squeeze hand grippers are available now, ease stress with the click of a button and purchase your own pair today.