Exercise doesn’t always require you to go to a gym, sometimes you can implement workouts into your daily routine with tools such as hand strengthens and more. Find out why hand grippers are the perfect solution.

One of the most well-known excuses for missing a workout or a lack of exercise is time! Finding time for workouts and exercise can be very challenging, but what if you didn’t need to make extra time? What if you could workout while you partake in your regular day-to-day activities?

“People struggle to find time for themselves these days” explains Supreme Squeeze creator Nathan Halliday. So thinking outside the box or finding a different way to exercise is the next avenue to explore.

We have all heard of watching TV as you run on the treadmill, or to take your catch ups with friends to a Cycle Class however working on the more refined motor skills and forearm strength is also an important part of health and fitness.

Grip strength is something we all need, whether you are an athlete, musician, stay at home mum or tradesmen. We all need it. So finding ways to maintain your grip strength is just as important as getting your heart rate pumping.

“This is one of the reasons we came up with the Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers” explains Brandes. Hand Grippers are a small functional tool with proven results that you can take anywhere and use at any time.

By using hand strengthening tools such as Hand Grippers on a regular basis you will notice numerous benefits beyond the obvious such as, improved forearm definition, improved dexterity, wrist rehabilitation, increased grip strength and even stress relief.

Hand Grippers are a great example of a workout item you can implement into your existing routine such as: while on public transport, while you watch television, during a meeting or during a lunch break at work.

Hand Grippers are something anyone can squeeze into their day! Find out more about how these a hand gripper can be implemented into your day.

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