St Louis hair transplant procedure FUE

St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor, a leading provider of hair transplant services to clients in the St. Louis area and throughout the country, has announced its ability to offer its clients several cutting edge tools that improve the hair transplant process. The St. Louis hair transplant services company provides full descriptions of these tools on their website, which is listed in the contact information below.

The two systems St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor is able to offer its clients are known as the Artas system and the Neograft system, respectively. They are described as tools that aid hair transplant surgeons in the process of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is a popular method of hair transplantation.

The Artas system offered by St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor is a completely robotic hair transplant system. It is able to assist the hair transplant surgeon with each aspect of the hair transplant procedure. St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor describes the Artas system’s capabilities: “It both extracts follicles from the donor area and creates recipient sites into the thinning area. The robotic system automates donor harvesting by using an algorithm that selects which follicles that are optimal for transplantation and then extracts them.” After the Artas system selects the follicles of the patient that are best for harvesting and transplantation, it also detects which sites on the patient’s head are best able to receive the transplant.

Though the Artas system is impressive, according to St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor, it is limited in several ways and thus requires skilled operators and hair transplant surgeons for it to be an effective tool.

The Neograft system is another machine that helps with follicle extraction and planting. “It uses a motorized punch to extract the follicular unit. Once the incision is made around the follicle, it is then pulled from the scalp with a suction device and stored into the system,” the hair transplant provider’s description readers. After the hair transplant surgeon chooses and prepares the sites where the follicles will be placed, the system pushes the follicles out into the recipient sites.

St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor cautions that any prospective patient interested in automated hair transplant systems like the Artas and the Neograft should ensure that the systems are operated under the supervision of a surgeon who is board certified in hair restoration surgery. Further details and information can be found at

St.Louis Hair Transplant Mentor was founded by Gregg Kreyling, a former hair transplant patient. The company partners with leading hair transplant doctors in the St. Louis area, the Midwest and throughout the country. For more information on their hair transplant services, the company may be contacted using the information provided below.

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