The tiny sailing village of St Mawes, in Cornwall, continues to be a favoured spot for tourists and locals seeking to rent or buy Cornwall cottages, a recent report by the Financial Times indicates. 

According to the piece published at, St Mawes possesses a unique and distinctive set of characteristics that help make it such a desirable destination for those seeking temporary or permanent accommodation in the area. 

According to the piece in question, the foremost feature setting this small village with a population of 850 aside from its peers is the relatively inexpensive price of its accommodation. When compared to accommodation elsewhere in Cornwall, cottages in St Mawes are larger than average and not very much different in price, which ranks as an obvious advantage for most potential buyers. 

The article goes on to point out the quaint, idyllic scenery and setting of the village as one of its main selling points for holidaymakers in Cornwall. St Mawes is nestled at the base of a hill on the tip of a peninsula, so punters renting or buying Cornwall cottages in the village are able to enjoy both mountain and waterfront views on a permanent basis, which is another obvious advantage, according to the Financial Times. The sailing culture naturally attached to the town’s waterfront location is another obvious point of attraction for both tourists and locals and has helped put St Mawes on the Cornish holiday map. 

As a result of the characteristics detailed above, this small fishing and sailing Cornish village has maintained a traditionally strong housing market for the past couple of years. More recently, St Mawes has also sparked a wave of international interest, spearheaded by home-buyers from Russia, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. Holidaymakers renting Cornwall cottages, who make up a large portion of this town’s temporary population during the high season are also helping St Mawes retain its spot atop the Cornwall home-buying and renting market, the article concludes. 

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