As one of the most recent trends in the jewellery world, ‘stacking’ rings, provide brides and grooms the opportunity to mix and combine engagement ring stones with a wealth of new ways in which to do so.

‘Stacking’ rings, which have been taking the market by storm lately, are part of what is commonly called the ‘bling ring’ trend. This is a phenomenon in which jewellery wearers — engaged or otherwise — tend to go for increasingly bigger and flashier pieces in order to make as much of a visual impact as possible and thereby setting themselves apart from the crowd. ‘Stacking’ rings are certainly conducive to this goal as they allow buyers to combine and overlap several different types of engagement ring stones in a single, decidedly unique looking, piece.

Designers have wasted precious little time in exploring the full potential of this new trend with pieces currently on the market that encompass a wide range of materials for both bands and stones. Metals used in the design and manufacture of ‘stacking’ rings currently go from yellow and rose gold to platinum or even mixed materials and the gems themselves range from diamonds to amethysts, citrines, peridots and quartzes.

Aside from their versatility and the possibility of owning something truly unique-looking without breaking the bank, these rings also reel in potential buyers with their often wild designs. Being, for the most part, bespoke pieces, these creations allow their designers to really let their imagination run free resulting in some truly unusual shapes which are sure to delight more customers seeking originality.

The main factor attracting jewellery lovers to these pieces, however, is sure to be price. While some of the available jewels still command prices in excess of £1000, certain ones can be acquired for less than £25 — something which is sure to please lovers on a budget.

‘Stacking’ rings can currently be acquired from a number of different designers around the world with more being expected to follow this new fad in the near future.

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