19, August 2015: Scooter is a very popular transport toy for kids at first. But the original scooter was totally powered by human labor, which would stop from time to time. Later creative people made a lot of research and progress to add on a lithium battery to provide power for the scooter to keep running for a long distance. So now we can often see a lot of people, especially the young boys and girls who always like to chase after fashion trend, riding an electric self-balancing scooter in the street, in the building, in the sports field, and other places.


Many people also want to try it, especially those aged ones. But they are not very used to the single-wheeled scooter because their legs are not comfortable after standing close on the small pedals. They can’t keep their legs straight all the time, which is very tiring for them. What can they do if they want to have fun riding an electric self-balancing scooter without being very tired? Don’t worry, Airwheel has come up with a perfect solution for these scooter fans. The answer is Airwheel S series intelligent two-wheeled scooter.


That’s right, one is looking at a brand new two-wheeled scooter with a full size for your feet to stand on. It’s not squeezy anymore. And S3 from Airwheel S series intelligent two-wheeled scooter is controlled by the presence of a handlebar and a vertically ascending shaft. The lateral movement of the handlebar will cause the differential of rotational speed on both wheels. When the shaft is tilting to the left, the rotational speed on the right wheel will be faster than the left wheel, and the scooter will turn left as a result.

Airwheel S3 is a green and light smart transport tool which can be carried into buses or subways to help riders. If one is a scooter fun not used to sing-wheeled model, why not try the brilliant two-wheeled scooter S3!

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