(Free Press Release) Metal accessories and belt buckle manufacturers make or break the look of our attire. In fact, fashion houses and cloth-manufacturing companies long for a company that provides efficient service, good quality materials and accessories, and prompt delivery. Starling Group Ltd. ensures that customers get the best quality and first-class services. They manufacture and deliver high-quality products like buckles, buttons, clothing rivets, rivets, rhinestone rivets, shoe rivets, leather eyelets, shoe eyelets, decoration eyelets, rhinestone eyelets, and other metal accessories. All these products are available at Metal-accessory.com and it is possible for companies to place their order directly at the website.

Based in Taiwan, Starling Group Ltd. is known for its high-quality assurance and timely delivery of their products. The firm aims at making their customers happy with their service. In fact, the company is the best choice for those who are tired of poor service, low quality, and late delivery. Buttons, buckles, eyelets, and rivets are made using high-quality material. The firm is an experienced manufacturer of various metal accessories.

Step-by-step manufacturing process ensures that the products manufactured by the company do not corrode or rot. The first step is called Artwork Preparing. In this step, CAD and CAM applications are used to design the products in demand. Once the designing part is complete, Surface grinding method is employed to create a prototype. The next step is CNC Mold Engraving followed by casting, electroplating, and rolling electroplating. If needed, Hang Electroplating method is used. Electroplating ensures that the product gets long life. Some manufacturing processes also require soldering and coloring. Following this step-by-step methodology, helps in creation of best quality products so that customers do not have to compromise on quality.

Metal-accessory.com is a user-friendly website that offers easy navigation and selection of products. The website has all necessary information about Starling Group Ltd., their products, policies, and offers. If you need some additional information, contact the company through their e-mail: [email protected]

Starling Group Ltd. also supplies custom-made buckles, buttons, rivets, and eyelets in any size, color, or shape. Their custom-made buckles, buttons, rivets, eyelets, and ironware accessories are manufactured keeping in mind the highest standards. Their products are guaranteed against rusting or tarnishing. Metal accessories supplied by the firm adhere to following standards:

• Availability in a variety of plating and finishes.
• Lead-free finishes.
• Custom samples and designs.
• Top quality and fast delivery.

If you are interested in the company‘s products, you can visit www.metal-accessory.com or contact them through their e-mail: [email protected]

Metal-accessory.com provides you a huge variety of metal accessories from one the largest Belt Buckle Manufacturers.


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