Website monitoring service announced today that it had set-up a new monitoring centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

StatusCake, a leading monitoring service which alerts website owners to performance issues and downtime on their websites, were said to be delighted to have a presence in Stockholm. Speaking at the launch of the new Swedish monitoring service co-founder James Barnes said:

“Sweden is the hot-place if you’re looking for all things online tech — Spotify, Wrapp and Mojang all started in Sweden — it absolutely is the melting pot for some of Europe’s greatest start-up stories.” Barnes went on to explain:

“Our Swedish customer’s websites are amazing — from music services, online gift services, hosting and of course given Mojang is the home of Minecraft — plenty of gamers and Minecraft servers. All of which StatusCake is helping by providing monitoring for. You can’t help but think that all these great tech stories, like Spotify and Mojang, are inspiring another generation of Swedish tech heroes — and we’re excited to think that the stars of the future could already be using our service!”

Daniel Clarke, co-founder of StatusCake explained how most website monitoring services simply don’t think and act in this way:

“Most website monitoring servers only allow website owners to check their website’s availability from random locations around the world that are often irrelevant to them? Does a Swedish website owner whose customers are mainly in Sweden really care if their site cannot be accessed in Guatemala? How does that help them — what does it actually tell them?”

And with deploying “Real Browser Testing” webmasters, more than ever, can truly tell what their customers are seeing. Clarke explains more.

“Traditionally most website monitoring servers simply load the headers, and in rarer cases the body text as well”

He continued:

“But we’re not traditional, and we break the mould. We question why and how things have been done in the past and we challenge them. Come on, doing things the old fashioned way is great for detecting if the website is up or down — but it doesn’t even start to give you the full picture. What good is your site to a customer if a picture takes 30 seconds to load and slows down the whole page? It may be up, but will they hang around to find out more? No — they’re off down the road to one of your competitors”.

So using website monitoring is vital to the long term success of your online business. When your website next goes down you’ll be the first to know — no lost revenue, no loss of reputation. sends out alert to its customers in a whole number of ways including email, Twitter, push notifications for iOS and Android devices (Boxcar and Pushover) as well as SMS text messages via Tele2Comviq, Telia Sweden, Telenor Sweden, Spring and 3 Sweden.

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