United States of America; 05, March 2015: Each and every car requires a license plate irrespective of country and road. License plate flippers and hide covers are increasingly used by car owners for their respective vehicles. In movies like James Bond and Transporter, the protagonist is seen to be using an installed rotating license plate in their cars. Stealth Plate is a store offering hideaway license plate, license plate flipper and similar range of products for use.

The stealth license plate has a wide range of uses for the car owners. It helps in avoiding red light cameras and beating the red light cameras. One can also use these products for avoiding the toll booth and toll cameras. It also goes onto show a plenty of legal uses such as keeping the plate clean while going out mudding, showing off at some car shows, etc. The cover curtain is waterproof as it is made up of a material which dries off easily. This frame is made up of plastic and steel.

The Retractable License Plate may not show up during the driving process. In this case, the driver will get a ticket due to missing front or rear. However, it will not take place when is car is parked at a show. The uses depend on the needs of the car owners. Flipper and curtain model license plate differs in terms of usage. The former makes the plate go invisible by a shield with a push button. A unit moves the plate perfectly into position in an automatic manner.

The remote control hidden license plate frame helps in hiding the license plates instantly within two seconds. With just a simple button push, the front and rear license plate becomes both covered and invisible. It can also work out while driver is riding the car very fast. Led controller in the products shows off the status quite clearly. The registration or license plate may remain covered despite weather conditions such as frost, rain, sunshine, high temperature fluctuations etc.

The frames are made up of very thick and strong ABS plastic with a durable covering material. As a result, these hide cover frames are perfectly suitable for long term use. These frames look like the typical car license frames which make them both discreet and nice looking. Warranty period on all the products of the company is 90 days. The products are available in US size, UK size, Brazil and Australia size, Saudi Arabia size etc.

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Stealth Plate stocks and sells variety of retractable license plates, remote controlled hidden cover frames, and similar range of products for car owners. All of the products are sent out within 24 hours and reach the customers between seven and ten days. Exchange and return policy helps in addressing several issues. Visit the website for more information on products offered.