(Free Press Release) At OSD Engineering firm our aim is to provide full range of Steel building design services right from concepts, planning, design to production of construction details and shop drawings.

Our team prepares detailed construction documents for all size of new building construction or renovation projects. We consider factors such as building size, geographical location, intended use and desired lifespan. Find more details at http://www.outsourcestructuraldesign.com

We have substantial expertise in jobs like:

  • Steel building plans
  • Building design consultancy
  • Paper-to-CAD conversion and drafting
  • Alterations to existing structural elements
  • Shop drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • Repair design
  • Renovation advice
  • Construction detailing

Save 60% on Steel Building design plans and drawing services by outsourcing to us! We can quote by job or by man-hour (hire dedicated designers/drafters/drawers).

We can detail and draw all major structural elements such as:

  • Building frames
  • Foundations
  • Beams & Columns
  • Section walls
  • Roof framing
  • Slabs
  • Decks, Girders, Joists, Handrails
  • Lintels, etc.

We have successfully delivered solutions to structural consultants and construction companies across US, UK, Australia and Canada. We have a vast experience of working common construction techniques and building code standards such as AISC, CISC, ASTM, BS and many more.

Visit us at: http://www.outsourcestructuraldesign.com/structural-design.php

Email us at [email protected] for free instant quotes.