Stemcell21, a leading biotech company in Thailand, brings hope to the people suffering from skin injuries, and skin degenerative diseases by utilizing the latest stem cell therapy techniques.

Due to the advances in the medical sciences, and new treatment methods, the stem cell therapy for treatment of degenerative disease, anti-aging and injury is a new hope for the patients.

Stem cell therapy has brought hope to the patients suffering from any skin, or organ deformation disease. The applications of the stem cell therapy include, but are not limited to: degenerative diseases, anti-aging, and physical injuries. The treatment has also been found very effective for the burn victims as well.

The idea of the stem cell therapy is not alien in the medical sciences. Stem cells are the biological cells, which are found in all multi-cellular living organisms. The stem cells are capable of reproducing themselves through a process of cell division called mitosis. These cells are also capable of differentiating between the different cell types, and have the ability to regenerate and renew themselves to produce more stem cells.

The stem cells contain a number of properties, which help them repair the body parts. These cells have also been proven to replenish to small tissues in the human body. Studies show that the stem cells are capable of traveling to the damaged parts of the body, change their cell type to suit the specific area, and to unite with the other tissues in that area to repair the body.

Today, the stem cells from different parts, especially the umbilical cord, are being used in a number of ways. Depending upon the nature of the injury, and physical condition of the patient, the number of sessions generally varies. However, all the patients have found stem cell therapy to be extremely useful and effective.

Thailand is one of the many countries which suffer from the skin and degenerative issues. Like many medical practices, lack of proper care and facilities can make things much complicated. However, there are some treatment centers in Thailand, that follow the standard treatment protocols.

Stemcells21 is one of the leading stem therapy centers in Thailand. The center has stick quality control policy, and relies upon the most modern stem cell product methods, after procuring the cells from the laboratory. They are a registered biotech company with their main office in Bangkok.
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