22 August, 2014: F&L Designer Guides has excitedly announced the addition of designer Stepan Terteryan to the F&L community. This inevitable partnership was sparked by a chance meeting at the Hallmark Salon where a mutual interest eventually flourished into a creative enterprise. Stepan’s magical skills with metalwork and design and his full embrace of the bespoke experience makes this designer right at home within the F&L community. 

F&L Designer Guides has enjoyed significant growth and interest from both designers and the industry press since their launch back in April of this year. F&L’s co-founder, L, who personally interviews every designer who applies to join the group, noted that the number of applicants has risen dramatically over the past few months. “This has meant that the Guide is thriving with a constant influx of fresh, creative and talented minds joining the group almost daily”, she commented recently. 

Stepan Terteryan has certainly brought an intuitive and unique style to the F&L community, according to F. The designer’s talent and skill in intricate metalwork techniques, and filigree in particular, is what attracted both Frank and Laura to his work while on display at a recent jewellery exhibition. Stepan’s amazing and diverse portfolio of jewellery speaks for itself with every piece exquisitely striking and unique. 

For the ultimate personalized piece of jewellery Stepan Terteryan spends extensive time with his clients getting to know their preferences completely and guiding them through the creative process so that, collaboratively, a truly unique and wholly personalized piece is born. 

F, from F&L Designer Guides, describes Stepan Terteryan’s artistic and stylistic philosophy as “part skilled craftsman and artist and part psychologist”. This designer’s patience and attention to detail is stunningly displayed in every one of his beautiful rings. These natural talents also appear to come in handy during the process of eliciting the vision and dream of the ‘perfect ring’ from his clients as well. 

About F&L Designer Guides: 

The F&L Designer Guides hosts a thriving community of independent engagement ring designers in the UK. Inspired by their own quest for a distinctive and inspiring engagement ring, F&L collected a group of their favourite bespoke engagement ring designers, all of whom can offer you a more imaginative way to create a truly unique engagement ring and a far more interesting alternative to High Street shopping. 

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