As people begin implementing their New Year’s resolutions, many gyms are noticing a huge increase in membership. One YMCA coordinator commented that the number of memberships often doubles in the month of January, as people like to start striving towards their fitness goals at this time of year. Although a lot of people start the year off with healthy goals, fewer people have the dedication to maintain the life-long process of personal fitness.

One way to make sure your motivation doesn’t melt away with the snow is to buy a longer gym membership. Rather than testing a place out with a month-long membership, many fitness experts recommend that people purchase an extended membership. One gym employee testified that she noticed people who committed to three months or longer were ultimately the ones that stuck around to meet their fitness goals.

Committing to a longer membership may help some people to turn that first corner before they begin to love working out. According to a 10-year veteran of the YMCA, coming to the gym and liking it is something that can’t be forced. Although it may take more effort to get your self out of the door for the first couple of months, sticking to it can have life-long health benefits. During the initial phase, trying out different workouts to discover what you like best may give you the motivation to keep coming back to the gym for years.

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