Do you still remember the time when you are waiting by the roads you see others driving private cars or being taken by cars? In modern city life, it’s relatively expensive to buy and own a private car. But recently Airwheel has brought us an all brand new sibbuce and innovative electric scooter—the Airwheel A3 sitting-posture electric scooter. Airwheel A3 is designed to be the exclusive private transport vehicle for all citizens. But how could Airwheel A3 deserve such reputation?

The Airwheel A3 has strong performances. The top-quality vehicle units of Airwheel A3 are the guarantee of strong performances. Airwheel A3 inherits the strong hardware from previous Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, including Sony or Panasonic lithium battery cores, Cheng Shin top-quality tyres, noise-free maglev motor, and so on. The built-in operating system is intelligent and offers riders easy riding experiences. Riders only need to sit on the saddle and move the gravity centre of your body slightly toward different directions, then the Airwheel A3 will quickly response to your commands and move out.

The innovative ideas in Airwheel A3 offer you exclusive riding experience. The innovative design of a V-shaped seat on the wheels makes the riding more enjoyable. The genuine leather seat is designed under ergonomic principles, and with the hydraulic suspension under it, the seat makes your sitting-riding travel as stable as possible. Another important design of Airwheel A3 is the smart phone APP accompanying it. With this APP, you can turn on the GPS or lights on the vehicle body with your phone. The intelligent anti-theft function of the APP makes you be able to locate the position and track the path of your vehicle on digital map. You’ll never miss the locations of your scooter.

So just stop envying the cars on the road. Buy yourself an Airwheel A3 intelligent scooters, and start to enjoy your own exclusive riding. You needn’t to wait by the roads any more.

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