Chip Smith, A Leading financial Market Analyst from says the last few months many pundits have been calling for the stock market to crash, but since OCTOBER 2014, chip released an early morning message to his clients that his sentiment trader software, a specific peice of software designed to analyse and call major market moves, was hinting that not only a rally was coming, but it would be a very historical one. Two days later the market bottomed violently. And we have been rallying ever since. To date we have not seen a rally such as this [ over 200 points] since back in the 1950’s. Many of his clients not only profited but have been flabbergasted as to the recent accuracy of his new tool.

Not only was chip’s highly anticipated piece of software correct, we still seem to be rallying hard into the end of year as company profits are sky high, and the Japanese governments are insistently printing money and flooding the market. “This has only added more strength and reliability to the accuracy of our software” Chip said today. His special market analysis software is also hinting some very big moves could be on the way to the market in 2015, and it has taken the interest of some big market players on wall st.

“History does not repeat, but it does rhyme!” Chip was quoted as saying today, as a reference to why his market analysis software has been so good to him over the last several months. Over 100 years ago, many of the smart stock market traders, and participants basically worked out that cycles, and patterns that have already played out, also tend to repeat years down the track, sometimes 10 years later, sometimes 50 years later, if at all. But Chip likens this to notes that are played on an instrument in sequence, are similar to the market, that have a mysterious and formal sequence to them, we just cant physically see them, and that is the job of the software to compare and highlight past trends, and hint to what might be on coming down the track.

One of Chip’s major clients was quoted as saying “This is quite powerful for those who have lost money back in the 2008 crisis. Its literally like a heads up warning if you should be IN or OUT of the market, at any one given point!”

Chip said Today “we are still in testing, and a refining phase, however right now the signs are looking quite positive that we have something unusually accurate and we can understand why it has caused so much interest!” It seems the software predictions are not only highly accurate, but this seems to be the new style of A.I. [Artificial Intelligence] showing up on Wall street these days. Traders are trying many new technologies to take more risks out of the market, and make it easier to profit, without having to be tied to the screen all day.

The sentiment trader software was programmed by two high level programmers who understand market dynamics, and are actually ex WallSt traders so they know the ins and the out of the game, as well as how to read charts, and it makes up a large part of the program itself.  Chip said the software itself has many uses, but basically it is designed to look back hundreds of years on S&P 500 and look for repeating cycles, and patterns and hint at futures moves based on this valuable historical data. It saves countless hours of reading charts, and going back reading news, market statistics, and hard core data.

Chip said “The market is just an entity unto itself, its like an eating, breathing, sleeping dragon, and can do anything, on any given date, and any given time!” There are always unknowns in the market, but the reason the software was designed was to take some of the guess work, and risks out of the market each month. Chip talked about how much work had gone into creating this tool, and that he had lots of outside help from some of the most high level mathematicians and highly educational tech minds in the US.

Since the stock market crash in 2008, retail traders have been hoodwinked by tools such as high frequency trading tools, which gives Elite professional traders down on the floor, the ability to make hundreds sometimes thousands of trades within a few seconds during the trading day. This is making it almost impossible for the little guy to walk away with profits, as the big guys take advantage of them. Chip replied “Our special software has been designed to help fight back, and help the little guy stay two steps ahead of other investors and so called traders IN THE KNOW”

In the 7 months of testing the software itself has claimed a 91% accuracy rate, and Chip and his team are refining things to make it even better. It has caused much stir in the trading communities however chip has told his members they are still testing, to make things better. He went on to say there is no holy grail to trading, and when it comes to the stock market there are never any guarantees. There are always major flaws, and geopolitical events that can disrupt and shock the market on any given day, such as the 9/11 event or Tsunami type events, which no one can preempt or predict. “But still its always good to be on the right side of the trade on any given day or put the odds back in your favour!”, he added.

Chip has done well over the years and uses a contrarian approach to trading the stock market and reached out to his investors today to explain what is going on. He accurately predicted the 2008 stock market crash 3 months before it happened. Last week he gave some of his knowlege and longer term projections and predictions at his blog - where he gave his 3 secrets to trading a bull market, that we seem to be in right now. He also hinted at why investors should be careful going into 2015. Some of his warnings are listened to by some of the big names, and traders on Wall street.

Chip has a fantastic track record and normally charges $7000 USD fees for his training, however he has opened his private VIP trading network for the next 7 days, FREE OF CHARGE  at  where Chip shows investors what the big guys on wall street are looking at and why they are always profitable.

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