United States of America; 31, January 2015: Internet distractions are very major and time consuming. It can delay the pace and output of genuine work by drifting the mind of individuals of any age group. Stop Procrastinating is an ideal internet blocker that can be used by online professionals, students and parents to limit the use of internet to a certain level. The software acts as an internet blocker to help the users control the tempo of browsing websites that can distract their work and make the results weak. The hazards of social networking sites and other entertaining sites in times of work can be serious as the work can get affected and decrease in quality. Individuals often complain of significant distractions while working online or while studying as the vast internet features get to the better of their mind.

The website blocking software can be used to restrict the user from accessing certain websites when work is being done to improve the work output. This also helps in achieving the goals that are set up by the individuals and that needs to be completed in a set of time. The website blocker combines the psychological sphere with the technology that renders the self control when the person is at work. Stop Procrastinating is actively used by writers and bloggers who work online for a long duration of time and often gets drifted towards less important websites.

Parents who want to impose a restriction on their wards for limited internet access can also use this internet blocking software. The software is ideal for writers who works under Nanowrimo and often complains if getting distracted by digital media while working online. They tend to watch comic videos on Youtube to dismiss their creative juncture. This has been a constant distraction and Stop Procrastinating has proven to be reputed and reliable productivity software.

Students can improve their results by focusing thoroughly in their syllabus for the span of time they are studying. The software can be used by setting up a time to block the internet making the PC internet free. The users can block Facebook and other social networking websites that hold high chances of distraction. The time set cannot be changed or tampered till the period is finally over. The users can although use the options of cancelling the timer by rebooting the PC to make it internet prone again if uncontrollable.

The software for students also has two other options of blocking particular websites for a significant span of time and makes the device internet free for a duration that cannot be unchanged even after the PC is rebooted.

About Stop Procrastinating:

Stop Procrastinating is an internet blocker that helps the users to work distraction free to output quality results. Interested people can visit their website to get more information about it www.stopprocrastinatingapp.com