Peterborough, UK.
After more than 50 severe weather warnings were issued across the North of England and Scotland, many farmers have faced power outages and floods, putting livestock and crops at risk.

Storm Desmond hit so hard that the NFU was forced to ask the government for urgent assistance as hundreds of its members reported that severe weather events were threatening UK food production.

Although Storm Desmond posed challenges to farmers, it also brought with it copious amounts of rainwater.  The UK’s farmers are challenged by changes in river extraction licensing, and mains water supplies threaten to increase year on year, adding significantly to farming overheads. Enduramaxx have provided farmers with dedicated rainwater harvesting tanks that capture and store volumes of rainwater up to 30,000 litres.

Channeling roof run-off from large agricultural buildings, rainwater tanks provide superb protection of their contents for when it’s needed most later in the year.  Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are made from a robust, single piece of rotationally-molded, UV-stabilised polyethylene.  Therefore, rainwater is stored safely and in optimum conditions.

Enduramaxx can also provide agricultural businesses with vertical and horizontal storage tanks for other forms of liquids and chemicals, all of which can be seen at
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