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You will definitely love the Ekornes Vegas recliner with ottoman from The Unwind Company. This is a truly fantastic chair with plush, cozy comfort and dreamy lumbar, as well as head and neck support. You need to keep in mind that the Vegas recliner comfortably replaces those old-fashioned, back-busting recliners of yesteryear with style and healthy features your body certainly needs. It is also good to know that the comfort and back-support will follow you for a lifetime.


It is important to keep in mind that, just like its smaller brothers (namely the Ekornes Stressless Tampa recliner and the Stressless Reno recliner), the Ekornes Vegas furniture piece is without a doubt one of the most popular and comfortable chairs available anywhere. What is more, you should know that this Stressless Sale recliner is extremely easy to install, as well as super comfortable, which gives you the opportunity to efficiently rest, relax and ease your mind off of any problems you might be experiencing. Furthermore, you ought to keep in mind that this Ekornes Vegas product can provide great comfort and support- even to those of us who are a bit larger (warranty is valid for weights even greater than 350 pounds).


An important thing worth noting is that there are numerous benefits that come with the Stressless Sale recliners, among these being the fact that these productshave the softest leather, a great design and a fantastic upholstery which definitely feels natural. You can always go to a company retail store and undertake the ‘Comfort Test’. This is important because it primarily consists of probing questions you should ask yourself to make certain a recliner is the "perfect fit" for you. It involves testing whether the chair is tall enough and wide enough to support your whole body, if theottoman is correctly positioned for your legs, if the chair moves too freely, if the lumbar support is adequate or if the texture of the leather is perfect for you.


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