Brazil - Before some major event or affairs, a lot of people are willing to do some praying move. Some people could not understand whether these moves belong to superstition or customs. In sports event such as football game, there are also a lot of convention habits and practices which could let people have some puzzling feeling but these people never bored with these.

In the World Cup of this year, many players seem to have many words for what kind of shoes they need to wear. They feel that some football shoes could bring with them good luck and bless them to get good score in the playing ground. Ever since, the colorful cheap Football Boots become flooding in the playing ground of World Cup. According to statistics from football boots online store cheap adidas Football Boots , there are only seven players wear black shoes among 352 players in all of these 32 teams in Brazil World cup. On the other hand, there are as many as 124 people wearing white sneakers and other colors.

However, does the good color shoe really give people luck or not? For this problem, each people need to carefully check the detailed scored information.

Currently, the most excellent shoe should be Messi¡¯s birthday version boots which has been launched by the Adidas and the main colors are black and white. In addition to black and white, gold bars are the only colorful elements. Of course, this shoe is the exclusive boots of Messi so this simple color shoes all add the representatives blue color of Argentina. Most of people should have the feeling that the appearance of this cheap Nike Football Boots is not very cool. However, this shoe already helps Messi scored four goals and each goal is the key factor of each match.

There are also some players who wear very good shoe but their performance is not very good. The Brazil¡¯s Big Brother Neymar should be very good example for this. His golden shoe carries his boyhood dream and it is the first time this shoe appears in the World Cup. However, this shoe could not help Neymar get any score in the playing ground.

Other examples are the Balotelli, Buffon and Fabregas who all wear the color mixed shoes. However, the colorful shoe could not help them get good luck. The finally result is that they all begin to go to home now.

Whether the team can win or the player can score, could not be totally depend on the protection of God or what hotel players live and which color of shoe player wear . The reason why Messi and Neymar are able to have a good performance should be their hard training and the team work of all players on the playing ground.

About World Soccer 2014

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