Structural CADD Services is US based organization and providing all solutions for steel drawings. In modern time we understand the issue of building stability and we believe to provide accurate steel drawings. Our aim is to provide you better output for your fabrication drawings and shop drawings.

Our team of steel detailers is armed with latest software like tekla and Xsteel. We have completed numerous offshore steel drawings projects. We focus to produce quality steel drawings with maximum customer satisfaction. We provide efficient and customized steel drawings using resourceful technology. Our experts are providing each steel element detail with accurate connections details.

Modern global business demands in time services with maximum output. To satisfy this purpose we have developed more than production units in India. We understand your time value and following in time delivery approach. Steel drawings are critical phase of structural engineering and we understand it and providing exceptional solutions for it.

At the present recession time we know that business world is down under. We provide flexible pricing system for steel drawings services. Our pricing is based on hourly and monthly and we allow you to choose one which is the best suitable for you. For offshore steel drawings we are providing 60% off and that will sure save your cost.

Exploration in internet world has given new way of communication for engineering services outsourcing. So you can easily outsource your steel drawings projects or any other structural requirements to the leading service provider. By outsourcing you can save your precious time.

Outsource you‘re your structural drawings projects to us and save up to 60%!!!

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