Studio3Sixty is making a mark in the world of rental studios for providing quality equipment regarding video and photography.

San Francisco (June 03, 2016) - With the increasing demand for making better photography and video it is highly necessary to avail a fully equipped studio that can really make the work easy for the professionals. The studio space Sacramento of Studio3Sixty is making news for providing some of the unique and high-end services to those who are renting the studio for their work.

There are a number of things to explore within Studio3Sixty. The company’s services include big screens with two different colors. A number of lighting schemes can be obtained within the studio besides the easy accessibility of vehicle so that props and equipment related to video as well as photography can be installed without any hassle.

The company is also offering some amazing features and rooms for different purposes related to photography. The company provides private space which is used for work and relaxation. It is indeed a space which gives a boost to one’s idea and creativity. The rooms within the company are connected to the studio having WI-fi connection and a player of Blue Ray. The TV available within the rooms is indeed an important feature as it facilitates live streaming directly from the studio cameras. The company provides space for client meet-ups as well.

The company is renowned for its graphic design Sacramento besides having an array of features and services that one can avail while renting the studio. The studio provides free Wi-fi, Bluetooth stereo, area for craft services, video stage having vehicle accessibility, a large area for free parking as well as an attractive kitchenette. The company claims to provide different screens and cold lighting grid which measures 13’just from the floor. Those who want to rent the studio space can see the rates over their website Booking is available with the facility of half and full day renting.