Orlando, FL— July 20, 2015 — There are many things that people from all walks of life and from around the world are doing and avoiding to live longer. There are those who practice healthy diets and engage in physical activities regularly to improve their overall health. In addition to having a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are other things that are believed to help people live longer.

Studies find glucosamine could potentially promote longevity by mimicking low-carb diets. Researchers suggest that the natural ingredient helps aging mice live longer by 10 percent. It is believed to help improve glucose metabolism.

According to researchers, the outcome of the study appeared to provide some indication of protection from a life-threatening disease called diabetes, which is highly prevalent amongst the elderly population. This natural substance has been widely available in the market for decades. It is a remedy for conditions such as arthritis, and is used to prevent joint degeneration. Its use is also associated with the reduction of metabolism in nutritive sugars.

Michael Ristow, a researcher, has demonstrated in 2007 that having high levels of nutritive sugar could potentially shorten the lifespan of roundworms. Roundworms are model organisms that are widely studied in aging research. When the carbohydrate metabolism in the worms was impaired, it also resulted in the extension of the organism’s lifespan. The bad news is that the method employed in worms during that time was ineffective in rodents, and thus was not studied further.

Ristow and his colleagues conducted a study that involved the application of glucosamine to roundworms. It was found that the worms lived longer by 5% than their counterparts that were untreated. The researchers also fed the aging mice with glucosamine in addition to their normal diet. The age of the mice was 100 weeks and this equates to the human age of 65 years. There was a control group that did not receive glucosamine while the rest received identical diets. It was found that those who were fed the supplement had an extended lifespan by 10 percent, which reflects 8 years of additional lifespan.

The researchers also suggest that the use of glucosamine could potentially help in amino acid breakdown in mice and worms. Amino acids are essentially metabolized without the presence of carbohydrates. According to Ristow, it reflects how glucosamine supplementation can help in the metabolic state of a low-carb diet. It implies that glucosamine could potentially mimic a low-carb diet not just in mice, but also in humans as well (www.amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4/).  

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