A recent study in the US has shown that cultural field trips can be entertaining as well as memorable for students, as they retain most of the information learned on their trip. This is a conclusion that companies in the UK like Equity School Travel have long understood and promoted. 

The data, collected by a trio of researchers from the University of Arkansas, has shown that students who visited the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Northwest Arkansas were able to retain a great deal of factual information when later asked about specific artwork they had seen. 88 percent of students who saw ‘At the Camp — Spinning Yarns and Whittling’ by Eastman Johnson, were able to recall specific details about the depictions of the abolition of slavery in the picture. Results of the study were collected from 10,000 surveys given to the students from the 123 different schools who took part in the field trip. 

The art museum, which stands at more than 50,00 square feet of gallery space and contains more than $800 million of art pieces, gave the guided tour outside of working hours, in order to limit distraction for the students. Also, the museum guides engaged the students with discussion about the artwork, rather than simply lecturing to them. 

Interestingly, the education provided by the field trips seemed to especially benefit children from rural or low income areas. A large amount of students were able to take part, from different socioeconomic contexts, due to free admission to students provided by the museum. Whilst researchers are showing a decline in school trips, culturally enriching field trips such as those from Equity School Travel are proven to have long lasting benefits, for children from a range of different income brackets. A fundraiser for the museum stated in a Monday press conference that the study should inspire schools to schedule more field trips to culturally significant destinations. 

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