StyleMeee is a venture from FashionForRoyals founded by the well renowned stylist and Image consultant.

With an aim  to solve the day-to-day fashion-related queries of today’s style cognizant generation, renowned name in the fashion industry, Stylist & Image Consultant, Archana Dhankar announced the launch of StyleMeee(, a premium personal styling and image consultation service for women at This popular fashion destination combines all the finest essentials of offline personal shopping and styling facilities into an exquisite online experience.

StyleMeee by is launched keeping in mind the growing demand for a more personalised service when it comes to styling and to make fashion approachable to every woman around the world.

The personalised online wardrobe styling service by StyleMeee offers many virtual features which can be tailor-made to the customer’s demand, lifestyle and personality. The distinctive feature of this service is the free online or phone consultation followed by a face-to face video styling session to deliver a more customised package and best advice on how to dress up for any occasion such as job interviews, pool parties, red carpet event, wedding or special days ahead. StyleMeee also offers online shopping or outfit advice to fit your style, body type and budget.

Available across the globe, this fashion address offers the whole gamut of style services to both corporate and private clients, giving easy access to get professional assistance needed to create the wardrobe reflecting apparels from different parts of world for the persona that you want to create. StyleMeee’s professional expertise and insights will not only save you time and money, but also empower you to reinvent your own style and to carry yourself confidently. Not only this, you will receive regular updates on customised spellbinding styles you can easily adapt in your day-to-day life, helping you learn how to create a timeless yet chic look for every occasion.

Besides providing customised virtual and personal consultations, the USP of this unique venture is that you don’t need to be a celebrity or a fashionista to avail these beguiling hand-picked services. StyleMeee by FashionForRoyals offers an extensive range of affordable services — from Virtual Styling, Personal Shopping, Personal Styling and Image Consulting to Wardrobe Consultation — for each and every woman who wants to appear her fashionable best.

Speaking on the launch of StyleMeee by FashionForRoyals, founder Archana Dhankar says, “In today’s era style is all about being more personal and comfortable in what you wear every day. My Virtual Styling module has been specially designed to cater to women on the go who can’t take time out for a face-to-face consultation. With Virtual Styling, one can avail personalised styling advice for any occasion or season in the convenience of their home. We will be constantly adding new services and features to keep the services engaging and to give a top notch experience to all our customers.”

Archana concludes by adding, “When you prefer style over fashion, it gives you the freedom to make wise fashion choices that nurture your individuality and life. And that’s the freedom I’d like everyone to experience through StyleMeee.”

This innovative endeavour, is already generating positive reviews from across the globe and guarantees to change the online experience for women seeking premium styling services.

About StyleMee
StyleMeee is a venture from FashionForRoyals founded by the well renowned stylist and Image consultant — Archana Dhankar to change the online styling & shopping experience of Women. This premium style residence proffers unique and elite styling services to women all around the globe. Some of the services offered are personal shopping where the only effort one has to make is to try outfits StyleMeee would’ve handpicked to augment style that would suit the individual personality of the client. It has personal styling service to decode for the clients what goes into looking fabulous day after day with minimal effort and expert fashion advice tailored to the specific needs to never let you feel stuck in a style rut again.

Following the session, StyleMeee will send over a presentation detailing recommendations to help execute the transformation effortlessly. StyleMeee also offers Virtual Styling service specially designed to cater to clients who can’t take time out for a face-to-face consultation. It will bring style services right in the comfort of their home conveniently timed to fit their busy schedule. This fashion villa also offers personal styling services for specific occasion be it wedding, red carpet, outing with friends, party etc. It has affordable luxury services for both private and corporate client. To avail any service, you can initiate with the free consultation over phone or email. Post which you can choose the service of your choice and celebrity stylist- Archana will personally curate specific style,  clothing items and accessories that accentuate your body shape and size, and fit into your lifestyle and budget.

Led by a prominent fashion expert, StyleMeee is fulfilling the void of the personal stylist for every woman regardless of her cultural or professional background.