Anhui, China, March 19, 2014: BothBest Bamboo Flooring Company, with its new range of home furnishing products, shows how bamboo can be used in different types of flooring applications. The company has introduced completely eco-friendly products that are recyclable and are identified for their low emissions. Many feel that their bamboo flooring products can be the right choice in the era of global warming and adverse climatic changes. These flooring and home furnishing products will help the mankind in keeping the environment cool and affable. 

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have introduced new dimensions of bamboo plywood that can meet the global demand. This type of plywood is made using fine layers of bamboo strips to provide a desired level of stability, while significantly reducing the emission level. Each strip is dried, smoothened and laminated perfectly to help achieve a desired level of durability, keeping the functional advantages intact. According to the spokesperson, their bamboo-made plywood is in great demand across the world. 

BothBest Bamboo is now also offering bamboo veneer to their worldwide customers who are interested in green, sustainable and stylish home furnishing products. The veneer is prepared from bamboo blocks and waterproof adhesive is used to laminate and produce veneer sheets. They use a unique technology and methodology to produce this kind of veneer that can be suitable for furniture, wall and ceiling covering. Available in natural carbonized color, the veneer can transform the look and feel of a surface where it is applied. 

The company has now introduced their bamboo paneling products that are gaining huge popularity for creating custom-made furniture such as cabinets, shelves, kitchen countertops etc. These bamboo panels are eco-friendly products and one can choose these panels over other wood products to show their commitment towards environmental conservation. The company uses 100% renewable bamboo and emission-free adhesive to prepare these bamboo panels which can be a green solution for the modern homes. Available in varied length, thickness and dimensions, these panels can have multiple applications in a built space. 

In the real sense, Bothbest Bamboo Flooring has a wide variety of green, eco-friendly and affordable home furnishing products made of bamboo. One may learn more about their products by visiting the website 

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Bothbest Bamboo Flooring is a manufacturer of bamboo products such as bamboo flooring, bamboo panel, and bamboo veneer. They produce environmentally safe and eco-friendly flooring products from their factory based in China. 

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