International: A leading UK pet matching specialist has today announced their move into the international marketplace. After more than two years of hooking British families up with the ideal animal based on their personal information, Dogs Cats & Pets owners Calum and Chris are about to launch two new sister sites to cater for their American and Canadian clients. All indications show the move will be an immense success, and already there have been a number of people making phone calls and sending emails regarding the service. It’s easy to see why this site is becoming so popular all over the world, as there’s nothing else quite like it online.

One of the main attracting features is that the service provided is completely free. Anyone looking for cats or puppies for sale has the ability to check what’s available without having to spend a penny – something rarely replicated anywhere else on the internet. “What’s the catch?” I hear you say. Well, there isn’t one. The website makes its money from carefully placed adverts, not that you’d notice, as they never get in your way. It’s been a long time since a site this useful has been made available to the general public, which probably explains why so many people are going mad for it.

It’s vitally important that people who buy or adopt pets fully understand how to look after them properly, and this is why Dogs Cats & Pets provide all their visitors will access to guides and information about animal care. On top of this, they constantly update their blog with all the most exciting pet news from around the world. You really get the feeling of a close-knit community here, full with people willing to help at every turn. Of course, visitors are also able to message owners Calum and Chris via a contact form that can be found on the site. So, if anyone notices an issue or needs advice regarding the service, there are always people waiting to assist in whatever way they can.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the service Dogs Cats & Pets are currently offering in the UK, or even if you would like to know more about their recent expansion into the American and Canadian marketplaces, you can do so via their website, or by using the contact information listed below. A strong emphasis is placed on customer service here, so you can expect to receive timely replies.

For Media Contact:
Calum or Chris on
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