China — Static electricity is a natural phenomenon in this planet. There are variety of ways for producing Static electricity such as contact, friction, sensing between electrical appliances and others. The characteristic of Static electricity should be the long time accumulation, high voltage, low power, low current and short functional time. Due to these features, the phenomenon electrostatic discharge (ESD) could cause into serious harm in a number of areas which are related to electrical products producing. According to the explanation of engineer from TARRI STATITECH SHENZHEN CO., LTD , the body static electricity and friction static electronics should be two hazards for electronic industry. It will often result in unstable operation or even the damage to electrical and electronic products. That is why each electrical enterprise operator needs to wear the protective equipments such as ESD gloves and ESD wrist strap.

According to information from ESD gloves which is the best supplier for ESD gloves and other protective products, the electronic products damage causes by electrostatic discharge (ESD) could be mainly divided into the sudden damage and potential damage. The so-called sudden damage refers to the severely damaged of the electrical device or even the loss of functions. This kind of damage could be usually found in the production process of the products and be timely repaired in the production process in the factory. The potential damage refers to that the device is partially damaged and the main function of the product is still remained. However, this sort of damage could not be found in the production process. Therefore, the later using for this electrical product will be very unstable. Thus, it could be regarded as the hazard of the product quality.

The main measures for enterprise to reach to the electrostatic protection in the production process could be the electrostatic leakage, dissipation, neutralizing, humidifiers, shielding and grounding. However, to achieve the human anti-static, the related protective products such as ESD gloves, ESD wrist strap , ESD finger cots, ESD shoes, ESD garments and ESD are very necessary. These equipments could help people effectively prevent the damage to their electrical products.

However, Engineer from TARRI STATITECH SHENZHEN CO., LTD which is the famous manufacturer for ESD protective uniform said that the ESD protection work is a long-term and systematic project for each electrical products enterprise. Any errors or omissions in any part, will lead to failure of ESD protection work. So, each enterprise must choose the high quality protective equipment and held professional anti-electrostatic course for each of their workers at the production line.


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