Minneapolis, MN — SugarCRM has been widely praised as a fully customizable customer relationship management tool, where companies can integrate the software and services that they use on a regular basis into a single interface. There are many different module marketplaces on the internet, but Sugar Outfitters stands out for the variety of modules that are available and the quality of the content that was provided. With a new listing policy Sugar Outfitters has made it easier than ever for new developers to get access to the right customers.

At https://www.sugaroutfitters.com developers find a partner who helps them sell and market their modules to SugarCRM users. Because Sugar Outfitters receives a percentage of every sale they have a vested interest in growing sales and making the modules as successful as possible. For this reason Sugar Outfitters provides internet marketing and SEO support to increase visibility and drive customer traffic for developers.

The sale process through Sugar Outfitters is now easier than ever. There are no upfront costs to listing modules, so developers do not need to have deep pockets to take advantage of the benefits that Sugar Outfitters has to offer. Brand new developers or developers who want to list new modules can even offer free purchases for testing before they make their module available as a pay service to companies. Once the product starts to generate sales developers have access to user purchase data, and developers can follow up with customers to ensure that the modules are working correctly.

As a service SugarCRM is becoming more and more vital to the modern business, and their relationship with Sugar Outfitters provides companies the kind of custom modules that they need to integrate any software or service. Since Sugar Outfitters offers so many additional services to developers and they make it possible to list modules easily, Sugar Outfitters is the destination for the best Sugar module developers in the world.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit https://www.sugaroutfitters.com or contact them via Twitter @Sugaroutfitters