Cupertino, CA — For nearly a decade SugarCRM has been a leader in customer relationship management with their innovative interface and CRM solutions, helping over one million users worldwide interact with customers more efficiently. In order to maintain their position as a market leader, Sugar constantly adapts their products to meet the changing demands of their customers and provide businesses with an easy to use CRM platform. With the release of Sugar 6.7, businesses will find that Sugar’s technology has taken another step forward.

The first change to the Sugar interface in 6.7 is the new Racer X theme. This theme modernizes the appearance of the interface, and gives the entire user module an upgraded look.

Sugar 6.7 also now includes a forecasting module to help businesses make better estimates on projected revenue and see long-term sales trends. The forecasting module integrates with the other sales data fields and gives sales reps, managers and executives more information about potential sales based on the probability of a sale closing. Customizable time frames and outcome ranges allow companies to determine for themselves how they want to look at the data. Sales reps can use the information that they have pursue sales with the greatest probability of closing, enabling sales team members to meet their quotas.

Finally, Sugar 6.7 introduces a new mobile app for iPhones and iPads operating with iOS versions 5.0 or later. The mobile app support allows sales reps to stay connected to the Sugar system, even when they are out of the office, and the integration of the Sugar interface with the phone’s functions enables sales teams to update their customer interactions more quickly than before.

As a constant innovator, SugarCRM continues to grow and offer the most up-to-date CRM solutions for businesses across the world. The release of Sugar 6.7 will only help to solidify Sugar’s place as a leader in CRM technology.

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