Minneapolis, MN — As more and more business owners realize the importance of customer relationship management, they are adopting services like SugarCRM at an incredible pace. SugarCRM is used in many countries throughout the world, and their presence grows every day. Sugar Outfitters is a marketplace for SugarCRM modules, and they are proud to announce an extension of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SugarCRM is so popular with users because it can be customized to include the services that businesses want to use, making Sugar the only program employees need. Sugar Outfitters brings together the best Sugar module developers into one site and helps end users find the modules that they are looking for. Some of the most popular modules include things like Google and Quickbooks integration.

The satisfaction guarantee offered by Sugar Outfitters is very simple. Customers who find that they have a problem with a particular module or they discover that they just do not like the addon can contact Sugar Outfitters for a full refund of the purchase price. The guarantee window is a full thirty days, and all that is required is a written request and some kind of note to explain what the issue was with the module. The guarantee works so well because Sugar Outfitters carefully vets all of the modules on the site and provides only access to mods that meet their very high standards. The site also has a peer review process and automatic scanning to look for potentially malicious code, a lot of the biggest risks for customers are negated from the start.

Customers can shop for all of the modules that they might ever need for SugarCRM at https://www.sugaroutfitters.com . The huge selection of modules, and the satisfaction guarantee make Sugar Outfitters a very low risk choice for customers looking to customize their Sugar portal.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit https://www.sugaroutfitters.com or contact them via Twitter @Sugaroutfitters