Dress codes vary depending on occasion and time of the day, which can often make the selection process quite a challenge. Luckily, summer dresses come in so many shades, cuts and models that give us plenty of opportunities. Finding the right online dress stores and knowing what aspects to take into account will therefore help you put your hands on the perfect attire. For starters, let us approach some occasion dressing tips.


When looking to buy yourself a new set of clothes, you must begin by considering the type of event you will attend. From this perspective, we can talk about formal or informal events and dressing styles, with two main variations referred to as black tie or casual. Apart from these two, we can also discuss the cocktail attire, the dressy casual, the white attire or the creative black tie, plus the outdoor dressing.


While many people tend to believe that black tie and formal outfits are one and the same, we must stress the fact that the first version is the formal dressing brought to the highest level of elegance. While you can wear a catchy and stylish suit and consider yourself dressed formal, you could wear a long evening gown and then you really are wearing black tie attire.


On the other hand, the difference between casual and informal, refers to the fact that there are special events, such as weddings or anniversaries, when you can dress casual without being sporty — you get the difference? A top with a pair of jeans is casual, yet not necessarily informal, while an elegant summer dress, a maxi skirt or chevron clothing articles are also casual and elegant!


Dress codes are especially designed to help you go through fancy reunions. Nevertheless, for the everyday wearing, it would be enough for you to make a difference on how you get dressed when you go to work, when you go to park, when you go in a club, when you are hanging out with your friends or when you pick the day or the night wear.


Online dress stores nowadays bring together huge selections of clothes, for all ages, styles and even events. If you are looking for summer dresses and you consider the above dress codes, you will notice how the color, the length, the imprints on the fabric and the design of the top make a huge difference!


A tea-length or knee length floral dress can be ideal for an outdoor event, a little black dress or a chevron dress can represent sexy choices in terms of cocktail attires and floor length dresses with short sleeves and a boat neck can be easily worn at work. It only takes a little fashion sense, a solid self-consciousness to tell you what cuts fit your body shape and the desire to follow these dress codes for being dressed by the book and still feeling good about yourself.



Take a look at some online dress stores for wide selections of summer dresses. With your knowledge in terms of dress codes, you cannot go wrong!