Manchester, NH October 14, 2016 — Summit Packaging Systems (, a global leader in the manufacturing of aerosol actuator and valve products, announces the launch of the new custom Lysol Cap. Summit’s internal engineering team designed and built this cap. Summit provides custom actuator products; the new Lysol Cap has been fully integrated from a hand-drawn design to a fully functioning product on the shelf.

Summit Packaging’s internal engineering team started developing the new Lysol Cap 2 years ago—it is fully customized from ideas that were generated by the customer.

The Lysol Cap has a user-friendly design that is more suitable to the millennial populous. The unique cap offers a 2X wider coverage than the regular Lysol Disinfectant Spray. This cap evenly covers large areas without making them saturated. Lysol Max Cover Disinfectant Mist completely covers the surface and works best on soft surfaces like pet beds and couches.

Additional Benefits:

* Mist spray allows it to be sprayed on soft surfaces
* Doesn’t leave residue on items and surfaces
* Max coverage in one continuous spray
* Keeps hand dry during spray action
* Wide angle mist spray technology

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Summit Packaging Systems is dedicated to creating valve and actuator products that suit all of their customers’ needs. With an internal engineering team, and in-house manufacturing machines—custom actuator products and attention to detail are part of Summit Packaging’s unique processes.

About Summit Packaging
In January of 1976, Scovill Manufacturing’s aerosol valve group became Summit Packaging Systems, Inc. Steady growth has brought Summit to the front of the aerosol valve industry. Summit currently operate from five manufacturing facilities including Manchester NH, Racine Wisconsin, Almere Netherlands, Tarnow Poland, and Pilar Argentina.Summit Packaging is a premium aerosol valve manufacturer, offering a full line of high quality, low cost vertical action valves, tilt action valves, female valves, metered valves, and bag-on-valves. For more information, please visit