India, 18, December 2014: IT companies are hiring professionals with complete training in IT management. Sun Infosystem is a professional center of training and certifying people who are interested in learning the several chapters of information technology. The company based in Surat has their website that enlists all their courses. 

The company conducts special workshops for ethical hacking in Surat. They offer a wide range of courses that can be undertaken for a short or long term basis. The study center is an authorized Cisco certification in Surat offering in coral, C++, java developer, PHP/Zend, etc to name a few of their courses. They have other branches in Delhi, Goa, and Dubai conducting sessions and workshops on other IT training and certificate programs. The faculty also literates about the Ccie in India and their students are given proper placements in several high profile companies. The placement faculty filters out the best of companies that would suit the technical proficiency of their students that helps them in making careers out of it. The Sun Infosystem has tie-ups with leading companies like Allied Digital, BSNL, Quick Heal, HCL, Hathway, Tech Mahindra, Elite Core, Nj Infologic, etc to name a few. These companies are reputed pioneers in the IT sector and have housed several able candidates from the Sun Infosystem programs. 

The company also has separate types of modules for the students with mobile application facilities that make it easier to access their classes. Interested people can even choose their multiple teaching ways like one-on-one training or the career enabler training which is basically start up for the complete beginner. Offshore training is also facilitated to the students and all their travelling plans and staying comforts are taken under deep consideration. The students are also given proper timely meals in-between classes and transport facilities from the center to the resident. 

Sun Infosystem also offers CCNA training in Surat with full placement guarantees considering the potential of the students. They also train in cloud computing in Suratwith certification training. The Sun Infosystem team has the vast knowledge and experience of serving clients to the IT sector of more than 20 years. They have partnered with many leading companies in the global market to generate in successful dealerships. Their in-house team also provide in services related to Data Management, Server Management, Process Management and Security Management. 

In addition the Sun Infosystem faculty conducts various conducts and workshops throughout the year to literate interested candidates about the certified training courses of IT development. These courses are packaged affordably so that the people can avail them without much financial difficulty. 

About Sun Infosystem: 


Sun Infosystem is a company and training facility which conducts sessions on various courses related to IT. Based in Surat the company is in business near to 20 years and places their students to reputed IT companies. Their website can be referred to get a better knowledge of their services and work.