New Jersey, July 26, 2012: Sunflower Concierge is pleased to announce it offers discount packages to help reduce the costs of their services. Sunflower Concierge is a cutting-edge company that operates to help people with any tasks they need help with from cleaning their home to running errands and everything in between. While they offer a set listing of their typical services, residents can inquire about additional services as well.

To help make these services more affordable for their customers, Sunflower Concierge offers several discount packages for their customers. The Daisy Package provides 10 percent off 10 hours of service if you pay ahead of time; the Tulip Package offers a 15 percent discount off 20 hours of prepaid service; and the Rose Package gives 20 percent off 30 hours of service paid ahead of time. This is a great option for those who know they will be using the services Sunflower Concierge provides on a regular basis.

Sunflower Concierge can provide a wide variety of personal services with as little as 24-hour‘s notice. Same day requests may be accepted with an additional fee. The services are billed on an hourly basis, depending on the type of service requested. Travel costs up to 15 miles are included with each service. Beyond the 15 miles, the company charges the travel reimbursement fees as set by the IRS.

Anyone who is looking for help around the house or for running errands can find out more about the services and the costs of those services by visiting the Sunflower Concierge website or by calling 1-973-906-1285.

About Sunflower Concierge: Sunflower Concierge is a full-service company that provides assistance to individuals and families with tasks around the home or other errands outside of the home. The company offers services, such as babysitting, house cleaning, shopping, home checks, pick-ups and deliveries and travel planning, among other things. For an hourly fee, plus mileage over 15 miles, customers who lead busy lives or are unable to complete these tasks for themselves can get the help they need to make life easier.

Company: Sunflower Concierge
State: New Jersey
Telephone number: 1-973-906-1285
Email address: [email protected]