Highly skilled and Awarded Private Investigations company Super Eye Private Investigations  opens new offices in Pasadena to meet growing demand for services detailing background checks, infidelity searches and detective work.

Pasadena — November 29, 2015 — Super Eye Private Investigations specializes in conducting professional services regarding infidelity cases, missing person, surveillance, attorney services, asset investigations, background investigations and more.  Today Super Eye Private Investigators announced they will be expanding their offices in the Pasadena area in result of the large volume of infidelity investigations growing in the region of Pasadena. Led by head investigator and business owner, RaffiSmilansky is an established private investigator with years of experience helping victims find the truth when it comes to detective work his firm provides.

As the economy advances and more jobs are being created in the Pasadena area, Super Eye Private Investigations also works with employers looking to discover information about potential employees looking to be hired in the Pasadena area. Hence one of the main reasons for the expansion is the growing economy and higher demand for private investigators in the Pasadena region for business owners and individuals moving into the area.

Having military and law enforcement training is highly recommended for the private investigations industry.Many Private Investigators exist but needless to say Super Eye Private Investigations is Southern California’s most experienced Private Investigations company now servicing the Pasadena area. Super Eye Private Investigations has worked  with many cases including insurance fraud reaching over 5 million dollars, celebrity surveillance around the greater Los Angeles and Pasadena areas, domestic cases involving infidelity investigations and asset research , intellectual property theft cases, criminal investigations for court services and lawyer assisting, industrial espionage cases, and international sting operations.

To find out more information about the new Pasadena office of Super Eye Private Investigations contact them today at (818) 986-2410 or visit their website Super Eye Private Investigations(http://supereyepi.com/privateinvestigator-pasadena.php).