28, August 2015: There is something cool about what a local Auckland company is doing for local businesses. They are offering special Kiwi themed web designs for local clients who are specially targeted according to the local design requirements and their limited budget.

The company claims to be especially focused on small businesses that have a small budget and need high level of customization. Small businesses are also showing a huge need for search engine optimization of their websites due to which Superb Web Design has been involved in some innovations when it comes to designing the right kind of offerings and offering various customizations to potential clients.

“There is also a need to focus on conversion optimization rather than just design and traffic generation. We design our sites to be especially focused on conversion so that the business can get more out of their limited traffic. We also help them with email marketing and retargeting so that the businesses can get the most value of their limited budget,” said Harry from SuperbWebDesign company.

Most of the local buyers seek out companies from TradeMe.co.nz or their local newspaper. Some of them are also seeking out companies from search engines of which Google is the most popular.

“Buying pay per click traffic on search engines is hugely expensive, which is why our special help towards maximizing conversions and ranking their websites,” said Harry.

The company works for local NZ clients and can be reached via their contact form where a client can request a free quote and a consultation related to design, optimization or content creation.