GUANGXI, CHINA - Pipes and Fittings are very integral material in any kind of construction. The better the quality the better is their life. The Guangxi Nancai Pipes offers quality PE, PVC and PPR Pipes and Fittings for huge constructions. They are HDPE pipe suppliers as well as manufacturers. These HDPE pipes are most used for Municipal water supply, indoor water supply for both civil and industrial buildings, underground water supply, pipes for gardening, irrigation and other uses.

The PERT pipes are mostly used as domestic piping systems for both hot and cold supply of water. These pipes are high-end engineered plastics which are easy to weigh and install. They are non toxic and offer good sanitary performance. The 2 PE pipes are environment friendly and durable. Since they are extremely flexible there is no need to have wire netting to fix them and that is why they are cost efficient as well. They are also known for their thermal conductivity as they are suitable as floor heating tubes.

The PVC pipes are available in different sizes such as pvc drainage pipes the 2 inch pvc pipe, 3 inch pvc pipe, 50mm pvc pipe and so on. There are MPVC water supply pipes which are most common as they act as both PE Pipes as well as PVC Pipes. They are durable, economically reliable and environment friendly. These pipes are the best for rural and municipal water supplying network. The material that they are made up of is the main reason for their durability and cannot be smashed at all. Various pressure tests and durability tests have been conducted on these pipes to ensure they are suitable for all kinds of water networking systems.

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Guangxi Nancai Pipes Co., Ltd., based at Guangxi, China is one of the 2 inch pvc pipe leading pipe manufacturers of PVC, PE and PPR Pipes in China. They have years of experience in pipe designing, production and quality control of raw materials as well as the finished products.

With a total investment of 20 million USD, the company¡¯s annual production capacity is 20 million tons. They have a global presence in over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa and Oceania.

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